Cartoon Fun Friday #11. Drawing a Dozester.

  Do you feel like taking a nap? That's probably because of a little Dozester hiding nearby. Want to see how I created this monster? Check out the new speed paint video!   I couldn't make up my mind about the skin pattern, so this monster comes in 3 variations. Which one do you... Continue Reading →


Cartoon Fun Friday #9. Drawing a cute little Charmster.

Hello, here is a new speed paint of a cute monster called Charmster. Just like all the other cute monsters, Charmster has got his own story. Enjoy the video:) Here is the final image.

Cartoon Fun Friday #9. A Green Vexter.

This Friday features my personal favourite cutie from the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge ( see all the monsters and their stories here). It is green, it is cute, it is naughty! Hope you enjoyed watching just as much as I enjoyed creating:)    

Cartoon Fun Friday #8. Drawing a Tumblester.

Time to learn to draw something cute. Why not, huh?:) Tumblester is monster#8 of my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. You can see all the previous monsters in this post. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it:)    

Cartoon Fun Friday #7 – drawing a purple googly-eyed monster.

Hi, another week has gone by and it's time for again to share a new speed paint. You can see all the previous videos in this post. Now it's a cute googly-eyes purple monster called Bopster I've painted as part of my 50 Cute Monsters Challenge. (You can learn  more about the Challenge here). Like... Continue Reading →

Speed paint videos

Hi, on this page you can find all the speed paint videos and tutorials that have been previously published on this blog. It will be updated every week. Please enjoy  😊 Cute blue monster called Bluester (watch it on YouTube and Vimeo) Sketching 48 cute monsters in 1 hour (watch it on YouTube and... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #6 – drawing a toothy Bluester.

Hello. Cartoon Fun Friday #7 features a blue toothy pouchy googly clawy monster It is monster #1   for my 50 Monster Challenge (read more about the challenge and it's progress here). Find out more about Bluesters and their preferences here. Please enjoy the speed paint. (YouTube,Vimeo)  The final image. I've also experimented with... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #5 – sketching 48 cute monsters in 1 hour.

A new speed paint is out! This time I've sketched Cute space monsters for a game book that I'm planning to release next month and also as part of the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about the challenge in my future post which will be out on Monday) Here is the video (YouTube,... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #4

Hello again. It's a great day today, because we will be looking for a 🥕! This cute rabbit is a character from my new picture book, which I plan to publish in the beginning of autumn if I have the patience to wait that long, because the book is actually finished! But.... promotion, promotion, promotion.... Continue Reading →

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