“A Bumpy Journey” has finally started its journey!

Hi, guys, my name is Maria and I’m an illustrator and my new picture book is finally available at most ebook retailers (Amazon, Smashwords and many more)!

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“A Bumpy Journey” is almost out!

Hi, my name is Maria Bardyukova and i’m an illustrator.

My new picture book “A Bumpy Journey” is already available at Amazon and Smashwords.

It’s about Bumpy, a rock, whose life is no rock candy. Everyone around him has a purpose. While he has nothing but rocks in his head. If only he was a little boulder to stop graveling and escape this rock bottom!

It’s a beautifully illustrated rhyming story of a very bumpy road to the life’s meaning.

Don’t miss a chance to get a lovely educational gift for your kids:)

In the meantime, enjoy some spoilers😉

A quick sketch of a cute scared monster

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“I’m not going anywhere.” Illustration by Maria Bardyukova

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Not a blogger, but an artist.

I don’t like blogging. Speaking is exhausting. That’s why I won’t do it.

But I like art, so i’ll share that with you instead.

Minimum words.

Maximum creativity.

Thank you for staying with me for so long.

Snobbity Snowman’s cheat sheet 🤫

We’ve been often asked to share this confidential information. Now it’s time to do that!

Below is the cheat sheet for the activities in “Snobbity Snowman”, our cute winter themed picture book:), which is available at Amazon, Smashwords

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Snobbity Snowman by Maria Bardyukova and Quite Riley

Don’t you we all enjoy being liked? 🙂
A wonderful review of “Snobbity Snowman” from Darque Dreamer Reads!

The Mermaid Behind the Books

The Book:

side+crop+of+paperback+image+TSTME (1)Book Title: Snobbity Snowman

Book Author:Maria Bardyukova and Quiet Riley

Page Count: 34

Publishing Date: October 1, 2017

Publisher: Self Published

Date Read: January 6th, 2018

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The Review:

Snobbity Snowman is a jolly good time for young readers and story time lovers. It has beautiful illustrations and a great moral. Your little one will love it!

I really enjoyed reading this. It was super adorable. My cousin Maddie also enjoyed having it read to her by my Aunt. She had a big smile at the end of the story and sat quietly throughout the whole book(seen in the story time video below).

Snobbity Snowman was an easy read. It had humor and excitement. It had fun illustrations and a great lesson for small children. It was short and sweet and very engaging and dynamic! I…

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Snobbity Snowman by Maria Bardyukova & Quiet Riley, Jr.

Do you like being liked, too?xD

The Irresponsible Reader

Snobbity SnowmanSnobbity Snowman

by Maria Bardyukova, Quiet Riley, Jr.Kindle Edition, 34 pg.

Read: December 20, 2017

That cover tells you almost everything you need to know. Great cover.

Snobbity is not your typical Snowman — he’s got himself an attitude (although that might be more about what he’s made from, not anything wrong with him) and shortly after we meet him, things get rough for him. But there’s a lesson to be learned and as he does, things pick up for Snobbity. It’s pretty straightforward, with a nice twist toward the end.

One thing that ran through my head while reading this: this book would be so much fun to read to a kid. It starts the way pretty much every snowman story has to (the construction), then the language gets fun, then the story turns to sentimental/the lesson. Up and down and back up again, with a…

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