Cartoon Fun Friday #3

Hey, there:) it’s Friday, which means it’s time for another speed paint I’ve done recently.

If you have missed the previous videos, you can watch them here: video #1, video #2.

This time it’s a cute happy frog with a green leaf.

Please, enjoy the video:)

Here are a few screenshots of the stages I went through to help you understand the whole process better.

1. Scetching.

I always do it on a dark background, cause white distracts and strains the eye.

2. Base colour.

At this step the contour doesn’t matter.

3. Highlights

4. Erasing.

I could wait until I’m done with the whole coloring process, but I’m too curious to see how the frog looks already:)

5. Shadows and more highlights

6. Creating “bumpy skin” effect and coloring the mouth.

7. Recoloring the contour.

Black outline makes drawings too cartooney. Usually the outline looks the best if it’s a few shades darker than the colour of the object in that place.

8. Background


9. Final image


Please let me know what you think about this video and the drawing in the comments below:)

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