Not a blogger, but an artist.

I don’t like blogging. Speaking is exhausting. That’s why I won’t do it.

But I like art, so i’ll share that with you instead.

Minimum words.

Maximum creativity.

Thank you for staying with me for so long.

A snobbulous 5-star review for “Snobbity Snowman”

Ho-ho-ho! My Christmas gift is early this year!:D All thanks to the awesome people at Readers’ Favorite who chose Quiet’s and my book, “Snobbity Snowman” for reviewing.

“A clever approach to teaching valuable life lessons to young readers.”

“Charming picture book story.”

“Beautifully told; beautifully illustrated.” – Readers’s Favorite.

Is a 5-star review a reason big enough to celebrate? Absolutely!


Join us in our joy and share the Holiday spirit by sharing our book, Snobbity Snowman!:D



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The drawbacks of living in China

Eh, it’s alright in here. I’m loving Shenzhen. But I’m not loving the web firewall.

It just gets so tiring. I’m not a political dissident, I don’t even watch the news (too depressing), and I’ve never even voted!

All I want I being able to apload my speed paint to YouTube, follow inspiring artists in Facebook, and use amazing picture search services provided by google.

Please, Chinese government, check everything I post or upload, please, but let me be part of the world!

Not too much, don’t you think? But all I get is this…  I even can’t check how my post looks right now.

Me, me, me!

Let’s talk about me. Don’t worry, just a tiny-tiny bit, i know you can handle that, i believe in you!

Actually,  let’s  not talk about me, but Continue reading