3 days 100% off The Galactivity Book.

Hi:) Our new activity book will be available free of charge till the end of July to anyone who visits Smashwords and goes to the Galactivity Book page. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3lQ5_XgOqpA Don't miss the opportunity! Have some space-themed fun with your family and kids:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, I'm Maria Bardyukova, a school teacher, illustrator and self-published author.  Feel... Continue Reading →

Cute Monster Drawing Challenge. Monster #13

Make way for Chillster! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original inhabitants of the North and Southern poles, Chillsters were brought to the rest of the world on the hoofs of Santa's deer. Very soon they spread all across Canada, Northern Europe and Asia. Chillsters are notorious for their art. Here just a few examples. Chillsters have a writing system... Continue Reading →

Cut out, glue, play. Feel like a child again.

Honestly, was fun. Challenging, especially gluing the dice (soooo hard), but did I enjoy every bit of it? Totally! Me and Quiet decided to play all the games we've created before releasing them in a book. Good thinking, Quiet. Found quite a few bugs. Had quite a few White Russians. Felt like kids a again.... Continue Reading →

Cute Monster Drawing Challenge. Monster#12

Hello, this is Brabbit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A mix between common rabbits and Siberian tigers, Brabbits are distant relatives of Easter Bunnies, but unlike their relatives, Brabbits chose a path of self-discipline, martial arts and meditation and rejected the Cult Of the Carrot. They exiled themselves in the depth of Siberia, searching  courage, bravery and wisdom and... Continue Reading →

Big day for a snowman!

Pam-da-Pam! The first of September will be a big day for one very snobby snowman! Our (mine and Quite Riley Jr's) first picture book will be officially released! Pa-dam-Pam! 2 years of drawing! Still can't believe we did it, but smashwords has already listed our snowman! You can actually preview it there already!  

Space for brain workout.

I've been working my brain out through space brain teasers for about 2 months already...   cause I've been drawing an activity book about space! XD The idea of the book belongs to my coauthor, Quiet Riley Jr.  He is an illustrator, sci-fi author, traveler, spiritual weirdo and what not. Make sure you drop by... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #11. Drawing a Dozester.

  Do you feel like taking a nap? That's probably because of a little Dozester hiding nearby. Want to see how I created this monster? Check out the new speed paint video! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yKQNoA8SJPg   I couldn't make up my mind about the skin pattern, so this monster comes in 3 variations. Which one do you... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #11.

Monster #11 is ready to make your life a bit more difficult. Say hi to Picklester. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Picklesters are mutated cucumbers, that came from flowers pollinated by bees hooked on smoking. Picklesters are extremely tricky creatures, that are not just hard to catch, but also, once caught, can inflict damage in no way comparable to their... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monsters#1-10

Hello, it's time to look back and see what has been achieved so far during my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge, or Crazy Monster Hunt as I want to call it sometimes. My only regret is that so many monsters are still only sketches and there is so little time for bringing them to life... Continue Reading →

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