“A Bumpy Journey” is almost out!

Hi, my name is Maria Bardyukova and i’m an illustrator.

My new picture book “A Bumpy Journey” is already available at Amazon and Smashwords.

It’s about Bumpy, a rock, whose life is no rock candy. Everyone around him has a purpose. While he has nothing but rocks in his head. If only he was a little boulder to stop graveling and escape this rock bottom!

It’s a beautifully illustrated rhyming story of a very bumpy road to the life’s meaning.

Don’t miss a chance to get a lovely educational gift for your kids:)

In the meantime, enjoy some spoilers😉

A quick sketch of a cute scared monster

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“I’m not going anywhere.” Illustration by Maria Bardyukova

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Not a blogger, but an artist.

I don’t like blogging. Speaking is exhausting. That’s why I won’t do it.

But I like art, so i’ll share that with you instead.

Minimum words.

Maximum creativity.

Thank you for staying with me for so long.

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#16.

Welcome the new monster-family member,




Softsters, as their name suggests, are creatures soft in every meaning of this word. Not only are they notorious for their excuisite fur, but also for being kind-hearted and easy to be touched. Everything moves them: droplets of rainwater on spiderwebs, sunlight playing in tree tops, snails hurrying about their business. 

Why Sofsters have such big and numerous teeth – no one knows. They say, however, that it was the natures attempt to “decuten” this endlessly cute little monster. An attempt which absolutely failed.


I’ve actually had a lot of troubles coloring this one. So I ended up with 5-6 versions of The Softster. Here are my favourites:)


Which color do you like most? Are you a Sofster, too? I definitely am one, just not nearly as cute xD

Wanna see all the other 15 Cute Monsters? Welcome to 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge, summary.


Picking colors for Cute Monster # 16. Got tips?

Here is the cutie I’m working on now. And I’ve had some troubles picking the right coloring for this guy. It’s a big deal, cause the color often creates the monster’s story. I often don’t even know how the monster will be called until the illustration is finished.

So got any ideas? Looking forward to hearing from you:)


A snobbulous 5-star review for “Snobbity Snowman”

Ho-ho-ho! My Christmas gift is early this year!:D All thanks to the awesome people at Readers’ Favorite who chose Quiet’s and my book, “Snobbity Snowman” for reviewing.

“A clever approach to teaching valuable life lessons to young readers.”

“Charming picture book story.”

“Beautifully told; beautifully illustrated.” – Readers’s Favorite.

Is a 5-star review a reason big enough to celebrate? Absolutely!


Join us in our joy and share the Holiday spirit by sharing our book, Snobbity Snowman!:D



Drop by Maria’s Amazon and Smashwords pages.

“Snobbity Snowman” – share the joy of the upcoming holidays!

It’s still 3 months to Christmas and New Year and God knows I can’t feel it in the air of Southern China (and never will) but the holiday joy and sadness are already in my heart.

Oh, I miss snow, and flakes dancing, and frost on the windows and power lines.

I miss castles and sculptures and getting wet and cold all through.

I miss being a kid in winter.

Don’t we all?

Please, take us back, Snobbity Snowman, and remind us how fun it was to share gifts and happiness of the winter season!

Quiet’s and mine new picture book “Snobbity Snowman ” is going on sale on the 1st of October. Drop by Smashwords and Amazon or your favorite book seller to sample it and get your share of the holiday joy:)