Snobbity Snowman’s cheat sheet đź¤«

We’ve been often asked to share this confidential information. Now it’s time to do that!

Below is the cheat sheet for the activities in “Snobbity Snowman”, our cute winter themed picture book:), which is available at Amazon, Smashwords

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10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 2.

Hi:) In this post I’m going to reveal 5 more elements that make a great book cover, which can trigger new sales for your beloved indie picture book.

If you have missed the first five elements – you can read it here.

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10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 1.

Since the cover for my new picture book was done by me from scratch, i had to study a lot of examples. I looked through best-sellers, hot new releases, all-time and classical stories. And I’ve discovered that to be successful, a picture book cover should be created according to a few basic principles.

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Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

At least to some extent.
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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Picture Books

tunel-2014A week-old business company, a multimillionaire corporation, your local gym, a TV commercial of crackers, your beloved picture book – they all have at least 1 thing in common.  Competitors. Continue reading