50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#1.

I’m taking on the Challenge of drawing 50 cute monsters in 2 months ( or so 😁)!

I’ll also try to imagine each monster’s character and preferences and you can help me with it in the comments below:)

I’ve already sketched some monsters, you can see them here. But not all of them will make it to the Challenge, so I’ll have to sketch much more.

I’ll try to draw a new monster every day, but can’t make a promise, cause I work full time😭.

Meanwhile here is monster#1 – Bluester.



Say hi to Bluester. Despite its name, a Bluester is a very cheerful monster, who gets excited about everything,  even the most boring things like queueing and fixing the the dripping tap. Perhaps, it is because of that other monsters tend to avoid Bluesters. No matter how cheerful, they feel like nothing but party-poopers compared to always laughing and exhilarating Bluesters, and that’s not a feeling anyone would enjoy, right?

Bluesters  love everything, but most of all water, especially if it’s colored blue. Bluesters would steal blue watercolor, pencils, paint from unsuspecting individuals, color a few liters of water and drink it all in a single gulp.  That’s why if your blue coloring items are gone or end too quickly, there must be a Bluester lurking around your place.

Bluesters often can be found on blue beaches, around clean lakes and rivers and in apartments painted blue.


Thank you for reading and watching!

What else do you think Bluesters like or dislike? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below or send them to me directly:)

Stay tuned for more cute monsters and their stories!

Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.


7 thoughts on “50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#1.

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