A quick sketch of a cute scared monster

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“I’m not going anywhere.” Illustration by Maria Bardyukova

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50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#17.

Almost finished 20 Cute Monsters, in the meanwhile here is #17,




Bluffsters are not from our planet.  They used to a crop cultivated by Marcians, until a solar splash gave them self-consciousness and love for bluffing and disguising. A long time ago they sneaked on an ancient alien ship and smuggled themselves onto our planet. Their favourite habitats are pyramid-looking structures, which crawled with Bluffsters, until just recently. 

It’s a tricky business trying to find a Bluffster. They are unrivaled masters of disguise and can pretend to be anything from a pineapple to a broom. This talent is the reason why there are so few Bluffsters left in the wild. They love pretending to be something yellow, blue and green, only to find themselves locked away in a class case or stuffed in rings.


Have you ever met a Bluffster? I wonder if they are happy on our planet.



Cartoon Fun Friday #7 – drawing a purple googly-eyed monster.

Hi, another week has gone by and it’s time for again to share a new speed paint. You can see all the previous videos in this post.

Now it’s a cute googly-eyes purple monster called Bopster I’ve painted as part of my 50 Cute Monsters Challenge. (You can learn  more about the Challenge here).

Like every other monster that I’ve painted so far, this one has also got its own story.

Read it here!

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Cartoon Fun Friday #6 – drawing a toothy Bluester.

Hello. Cartoon Fun Friday #7 features a blue toothy pouchy googly clawy monster😁

It is monster #1   for my 50 Monster Challenge (read more about the challenge and it’s progress here).

Find out more about Bluesters and their preferences here.

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50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#2

Another monster is ready to see the world. It’s part of my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about it here and see Monster#1).

Say hi to Monster#2 – Gawkster.

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50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#1.

I’m taking on the Challenge of drawing 50 cute monsters in 2 months ( or so 😁)!

I’ll also try to imagine each monster’s character and preferences and you can help me with it in the comments below:)

I’ve already sketched some monsters, you can see them here. But not all of them will make it to the Challenge, so I’ll have to sketch much more. Continue reading

Cartoon Fun Friday #5 – sketching 48 cute monsters in 1 hour.

A new speed paint is out! This time I’ve sketched Cute space monsters for a game book that I’m planning to release next month and also as part of the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about the challenge in my future post which will be out on Monday)

Here is the video (YouTube, Vimeo)

Here they are😁


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