50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#4.

Hello!:) It’s a new day and a new monster for the 50 Cute Monster Drawing Challenge, which I started last Monday (find out more about the challenge  here). Have a look at the previous 3 monsters in this post.

Welcome monster #4 – Bopster.



Bopsters are natural dancers and singers. They can do it day and night, morning and evening, alone and in company. They prefer in company, of course. Those who were lucky enough to sight such a gathering, said that it was remarkable in every way. First of all every Bopster prefers its own kind of music and is fervently intolerant of whatever genres other Bopsters prefer. To demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the preferences of the others, Bopsters sing their favorite songs as loudly as they can. And since a decent Bopster gathering would usually include at least 200 Bopsters, the ruckus they create is grandiose and would make your ears curl up. Perhaps, that’s why Bopsters do not have ears and are actually deaf.

Another thing that makes such parties unforgettable if the Bopsters love of bopping, thumping, kicking, drubbing and whacking while dancing. Bopsters’ feet are so huge and they bop and whack so hard that they often bop and whack and trip unsuspecting passers-by, by mere accident of course. Bopsters’ love of dark crowded and noisy places cannot in any way help you avoid being bopped or whacked, again by mere accident of course. And yet, Bopsters are extremely gentle and kind creatures that would never hurt anyone, except for mere accidents of course.

Apart from crowded and noisy places Bopsters can also be found around bathrooms, sponges, spoilt children, sport cars, oversized headphones and particularly loud individuals.


What was the biggest Bopster gathering that you saw? Did you get bopped by accident? Do Bopsters live in your house as well?

Thank you for reading and welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.


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