50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#3.

The Cute Monster Drawing Challenge is under full sail! You can read more about it here and see the previous monster here.

Another monster is ready to see the world and bring you some fun!

Say “Hi!” to Lulster, monster #3.



Lulsters are quiet little creatures, that can never be heard and rarely seen. They are attracted to everything warm, soft, furry and fluffy: soft blankets, cosy slippers, cat’s fir, warm pillows, small babies. They can also be frequently found next to steaming bathtubs, mugs of coco, burning candles and cuddling couples.

As it was said above, humans most often can’t either see or hear them, however, almost everyone can feel them. It’s the presence of Lulsters that makes all the things and places mentioned above so attractive to unsuspecting humans. A single stroke of an averagely fluffy cat’s fir releases about 10000 lulsters into the air which are immidetiately inhaled by everyone nearby. Once inhaled, lulsters are quickly absorbed into the blood and are transported to every cell of the human organism, relaxing and softening every single muscle, temporarily binding with blood cells.

Low levels of Lulster concentration in blood are extremely dangerous and can lead to grumpiness, irritability and spleen. If you feel have any of these symptoms, you should immediately provide your body with a doze of fresh Lulsters by wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket or the arms of your sweetheart, sip from a cup of hot coco and if possible stroke a cat. You will feel better in sheer seconds.


Do you have Lulsters in your house? Where? Do you often turn to them? What kind of Lulster works best for you?

The best Lulsters I’ve found so far live in my husband’s beard, under my pillow and in my favorite tea mug.

Thank you so much for reading !

Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.



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