A quick sketch of a cute scared monster

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Cartoon Fun Friday #5 – sketching 48 cute monsters in 1 hour.

A new speed paint is out! This time I’ve sketched Cute space monsters for a game book that I’m planning to release next month and also as part of the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about the challenge in my future post which will be out on Monday)

Here is the video (YouTube, Vimeo)

Here they are😁


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Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where “artist” is a state of mind.

Welcome the Change!

Hi, everyone:) Please check out the new design of my blog page!
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Practice brings perfection. Not yet, but it will.

Hey, people with monsters in your heads. Having fun, I hope? Staying happy?
No matter how you feel, keep striving forward, keep it alive.
Only 2 things can stop me from practicing: no time and husband calling to cuddle XD

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Alright. So here it goes. Time for us to grow and develop and spread our artistic tentacles wide out. Alright. Here it goes.

Who am I?

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