A quick sketch of a cute scared monster

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Inspiring Wednesday #5 – Yustas S

Witty, cute, skillful – that’s about Yustas‘ works.

Don’t know his full name and don’t need to, just looking at his artworks is enough.

Here is his Behance profile link and his Facebook page.


Cartoon Fun Friday #8. Drawing a Tumblester.

Time to learn to draw something cute. Why not, huh?:)

Tumblester is monster#8 of my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. You can see all the previous monsters in this post.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it:)



Inspiring Wednesday #1

Wednesdays seem like such a good time to share some talent and inspiration with everyone.

Actually any day is great for that, but from now on it’s gonna be wednesdays. Inspiring Wednesdays with a new artist every week.

This week it is Juliette Oberndorfer – concept artist, background designer and illustrator.

I find her art absolutely mind blowing. Everything about her pictures arrtacts me: the vivid colors, outworldly creatures, elements of the “naive art”, compositions.

I can look at the colors in her artworks forever.

The video below is her college project, it tells the tale of a hunter bewitched by the luminescence of a forest pool. Absolutely astonishing colors.

Here is her blog and her tumbler page. Do give them a look.

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Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where ‘artist’ is a state of mind.


10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 1.

Since the cover for my new picture book was done by me from scratch, i had to study a lot of examples. I looked through best-sellers, hot new releases, all-time and classical stories. And I’ve discovered that to be successful, a picture book cover should be created according to a few basic principles.

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Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

At least to some extent.
A well thought-through, well-planned and laid-out cover most often leads to a book and story of the same quality.  Never have I been disappointed by a promising cover. So, do judge picture books by their covers and feel good about it:) Continue reading

Welcome the Change!

Hi, everyone:) Please check out the new design of my blog page!
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