Snobbity Snowman’s cheat sheet đź¤«

We’ve been often asked to share this confidential information. Now it’s time to do that!

Below is the cheat sheet for the activities in “Snobbity Snowman”, our cute winter themed picture book:), which is available at Amazon, Smashwords

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Picture Books

Hi, my name is Maria Bardyukova and this page is about my and Quiet Riley Jr‘s picture books for children.

Leave a comment or reblog to get a free copy of any of our books!:)

Want to exchange reviews? Welcome any time! Drop me an email with your book cover and blurb at maria_bardyukova et mail dot ru

1. Snobbity Snowman

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“Snobbity Snowman” – share the joy of the upcoming holidays!

It’s still 3 months to Christmas and New Year and God knows I can’t feel it in the air of Southern China (and never will) but the holiday joy and sadness are already in my heart.

Oh, I miss snow, and flakes dancing, and frost on the windows and power lines.

I miss castles and sculptures and getting wet and cold all through.

I miss being a kid in winter.

Don’t we all?

Please, take us back, Snobbity Snowman, and remind us how fun it was to share gifts and happiness of the winter season!

Quiet’s and mine new picture book “Snobbity Snowman ” is going on sale on the 1st of October. Drop by Smashwords and Amazon or your favorite book seller to sample it and get your share of the holiday joy:)




Big day for a snowman!

Pam-da-Pam! The first of September will be a big day for one very snobby snowman!

Our (mine and Quite Riley Jr’s) first picture book will be officially released!



2 years of drawing!

Still can’t believe we did it, but smashwords has already listed our snowman! You can actually preview it there already!