50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge is still on! Monster #15, Panixter.

After a 2-month break-honey moon-holiday-travel-beach lazying Cute Monsters are back in busines! You wanna see all the previous 14 monsters – welcome here. Continue reading

A snobbulous 5-star review for “Snobbity Snowman”

Ho-ho-ho! My Christmas gift is early this year!:D All thanks to the awesome people at Readers’ Favorite who chose Quiet’s and my book, “Snobbity Snowman” for reviewing.

“A clever approach to teaching valuable life lessons to young readers.”

“Charming picture book story.”

“Beautifully told; beautifully illustrated.” – Readers’s Favorite.

Is a 5-star review a reason big enough to celebrate? Absolutely!


Join us in our joy and share the Holiday spirit by sharing our book, Snobbity Snowman!:D



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“Snobbity Snowman” – share the joy of the upcoming holidays!

It’s still 3 months to Christmas and New Year and God knows I can’t feel it in the air of Southern China (and never will) but the holiday joy and sadness are already in my heart.

Oh, I miss snow, and flakes dancing, and frost on the windows and power lines.

I miss castles and sculptures and getting wet and cold all through.

I miss being a kid in winter.

Don’t we all?

Please, take us back, Snobbity Snowman, and remind us how fun it was to share gifts and happiness of the winter season!

Quiet’s and mine new picture book “Snobbity Snowman ” is going on sale on the 1st of October. Drop by Smashwords and Amazon or your favorite book seller to sample it and get your share of the holiday joy:)




50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #14. Wanna help me with the name?:)

Hi, guys.

After almost a two-month break, wedding, honeymoon and 2 finished children picture books, the Monsters are back in business!

So welcome Monster #14, whose name eludes me.



This is one of the monsters that live inside people’s heads. Whenever you feel sad, depressed or in need of a strong beverage, this guy crawls out and keeps you company.


So what would YOU call him? Please feel free to leave your comments below:)


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3 days 100% off The Galactivity Book.

Hi:) Our new activity book will be available free of charge till the end of July to anyone who visits Smashwords and goes to the Galactivity Book page.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Have some space-themed fun with your family and kids:)


Hi, I’m Maria Bardyukova, a school teacher, illustrator and self-published author.


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Big day for a snowman!

Pam-da-Pam! The first of September will be a big day for one very snobby snowman!

Our (mine and Quite Riley Jr’s) first picture book will be officially released!



2 years of drawing!

Still can’t believe we did it, but smashwords has already listed our snowman! You can actually preview it there already!


Space for brain workout.

I’ve been working my brain out through space brain teasers for about 2 months already…   cause I’ve been drawing an activity book about space! XD

The idea of the book belongs to my coauthor, Quiet Riley Jr.  He is an illustrator, sci-fi author, traveler, spiritual weirdo and what not. Make sure you drop by his blog here. I don’t know what I would do without his insights and amazing writing skills.

The book is almost done, putting final touches on it, which means I can finally share some teasers with you, guys!



Cartoon Fun Friday #11. Drawing a Dozester.


Do you feel like taking a nap? That’s probably because of a little Dozester hiding nearby.

Want to see how I created this monster? Check out the new speed paint video! Continue reading

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #11.

Monster #11 is ready to make your life a bit more difficult.

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Inspiring Wednesday # 7. Therese Larsson

Amazing characters, amazing details, amazing light – that’s Therese Larsson’s art.

Do spends few minutes to admire the Master😍 Continue reading