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Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

At least to some extent.
A well thought-through, well-planned and laid-out cover most often leads to a book and story of the same quality.  Never have I been disappointed by a promising cover. So, do judge picture books by their covers and feel good about it:) Continue reading

Cute, witty and … delicious! Inspired and inspiring #2

Today I want to share with you the artworks of Piper Thibodeau.
Totally cute. The style, the color, the humour – I’m loving it all! So intricate and good-natured, which is just perfect for writing children picture books.
Oh, please tell me she illustrates books! I’d so get them all! Continue reading

Inspired and inspiring #1

Hello) Let me share some amazing illustrators with you.
I collect them, study and learn from. Continue reading

I declare the start of the mushroom season!

Yes, mushrooms! Aren’t they gorgeous? I’ve been sketching them for a month and now I’m gonna turn the sketches into digital art! Continue reading

Time to get digital!

Say hi to Shroomy, my first digitally painted mushroom and my first digital painting at all! Continue reading


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Welcome the Change!

Hi, everyone:) Please check out the new design of my blog page!
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A Sneak Peek at my Current Project!

Yes, it’s a biggie. Have been working on it for almost a year already and it’s 70% finished.

I’ve learned A LOT simply by doing it, drawing , painting, sketching, wasting paper and paint.

I don’t care if it is actually gonna bring me any income as a finished product, cause it has been an exciting ride anyway XD

Hope you enjoy seeing those as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and the final result coming in 2 months!


Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where “Artist” is a state of mind.



Let your inner music be heard through what you do!

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