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Should have been successful a long time ago 😆

You may remember Jack Milgram of Custom Writing from his Infographic, 28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead. He has now shared with us his latest creation: The Road to Success – 30 Habits, Qualities and Secrets. via Infographic: The Road to Success – 30 Habits, Qualities and Secrets — Nicholas C. Rossis

Stefan Draschan – Photography. I wonder how long he had to wait to get such combinations😁


50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#17.

Almost finished 20 Cute Monsters, in the meanwhile here is #17, Bluffster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bluffsters are not from our planet.  They used to a crop cultivated by Marcians, until a solar splash gave them self-consciousness and love for bluffing and disguising. A long time ago they sneaked on an ancient alien ship and smuggled themselves onto... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#16.

Welcome the new monster-family member, Softster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Softsters, as their name suggests, are creatures soft in every meaning of this word. Not only are they notorious for their excuisite fur, but also for being kind-hearted and easy to be touched. Everything moves them: droplets of rainwater on spiderwebs, sunlight playing in tree tops, snails hurrying... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Summary

Welcome to 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge, which started on the 22nd of May.  I will be trying to complete 50 cute monster  drawings each with unique characters and descriptions within 1 year.  Your comment or like will give me the strength to go on Please, enjoy! to be continued...

Picking colors for Cute Monster # 16. Got tips?

Here is the cutie I'm working on now. And I've had some troubles picking the right coloring for this guy. It's a big deal, cause the color often creates the monster's story. I often don't even know how the monster will be called until the illustration is finished. So got any ideas? Looking forward to hearing from... Continue Reading →

Beautiful color combinations, a perfect solution whenever you find yourself stumbling for colors.

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