Absolutely gorgeous winter scene.

I've saved it some time ago, but it's so totally gorgeous that even the upcoming summer can't deem that beauty. Enjoy:) http://emorfes.com/2017/03/06/tamas-toth-croatia-frozen-waterfalls/

My Picture Book

Coming soon😊 All I can say so far, is that it will bring more holiday cheer to my dear readers!😉 Meanwhile, please enjoy some sneak peeks at my illustrations from the book. Thank you for reading and watching:) If you like what I'm doing, please leave a comment or share this post with other awesome... Continue Reading →

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Cartoon Fun Friday #3

Hey, there:) it's Friday, which means it's time for another speed paint I've done recently. If you have missed the previous videos, you can watch them here: video #1, video #2. This time it's a cute happy frog with a green leaf. Please, enjoy the video:) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RDXE3oHPlbU Here are a few screenshots of the stages... Continue Reading →

5 quick tips on how to choose a perfect picture book.

Have you ever spend hours and hours choosing stuff? Doesn’t matter what - clothes, shoes, a tablet, cereal for breakfast or a picture book for your kids - if you don’t like having to compare, evaluate, choose, then the whole process is utter torture. I’m one of such people. Having to choose from more than... Continue Reading →

Homeless mushroom needs a home!

Hi:) I've decided that every mushroom should have a home. Say hi to Shroomy.   He is my first digital mushroom painted in Procreate. Quite roughly done, but already with everything that I look for in mushrooms: round, grumpy, sad-eyed, dumb and cute. But completely homeless. Because I didn't know how to paint backgrounds. I... Continue Reading →

The Art of Individual Expression

If only there was someone like that for each of us when we first try to be ourselves, the world would be filled with much happier people.


When Rocky was in third grade he returned from his day at school with an extremely sad face.

I greeted him with a smile and asked how his day was.

Rocky removed a small, handmade Indian satchel from his backpack and handed it to me.

“You made this?” I asked

Rocky slowly shook his head yes.

As I held the small satchel in my hand, I observed each of the meticulously placed feathers and stones that Rocky had glued to it. It was obvious that he had decided with great care where each of them would be placed. It was simplistically and tastefully done. I was impressed with the beauty of what my son had made and all of the effort that he had put into it.

“Mommy, it’s an Indian satchel.” Rocky began, “We’re learning all about American Indians in school and this is what they used to carry…

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Monthly Digest 1 on SnailTrail Art Corner. Saving Your Time.

Dear reader, I know that even though you are genuinely interested in indie publishing and art, you might be too busy to follow every post on this blog. The Weekly Digest 1 is here to save you time and effort. It contains all the posts from the last week and more. Please, have a quick look:) Cartoon... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #2

Hi:) it's time for the second Cartoon Fun Friday! This week it's a very simple spider I did for one of the game pages in my upcoming picture book. If you have missed the previous video, you can watch it here. You Can find more of my artworks here, here and here. And now please... Continue Reading →

10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 2.

Hi:) In this post I'm going to reveal 5 more elements that make a great book cover, which can trigger new sales for your beloved indie picture book. If you have missed the first five elements - you can read it here. Without further ado. Layout. Think of your cover as a painting. Every painting needs a layout... Continue Reading →

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