50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#17.

Almost finished 20 Cute Monsters, in the meanwhile here is #17,




Bluffsters are not from our planet.  They used to a crop cultivated by Marcians, until a solar splash gave them self-consciousness and love for bluffing and disguising. A long time ago they sneaked on an ancient alien ship and smuggled themselves onto our planet. Their favourite habitats are pyramid-looking structures, which crawled with Bluffsters, until just recently. 

It’s a tricky business trying to find a Bluffster. They are unrivaled masters of disguise and can pretend to be anything from a pineapple to a broom. This talent is the reason why there are so few Bluffsters left in the wild. They love pretending to be something yellow, blue and green, only to find themselves locked away in a class case or stuffed in rings.


Have you ever met a Bluffster? I wonder if they are happy on our planet.



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