50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge is still on! Monster #15, Panixter.

After a 2-month break-honey moon-holiday-travel-beach lazying Cute Monsters are back in busines! You wanna see all the previous 14 monsters – welcome here.

It’s a great number, 15, and a great monster that I can’t wait to share with you guys:) So welcome Panixter!



Panixters are extremely talented panickers. The nature blessed them with huge ears, so that no rumors can escape them, and tiny eyes with poor eyesight, so that these creatures never know what’s really going on. Panixters also have round stubby legs which they use to  stomp and thump and bubble and make all sorts of ruckus. The ever shocked expression never leaves their cute tiny faces.


Is there A Panixter living with you? I definitely have a bunch of these guys hanging around me wherever I go. And whenever I see someone without a single Panixter on their shoulder, well, to me that’s a good enough reason to panic XD

P.S. I’ve failed miserably at creating all 50 monsters within 2 months, and to calm my own Panixters down, I hereby remove the time limit from this Challenge. I’ll do my best to finish it fast though:)


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