Cute Monster Drawing Challenge. Monster#12

Hello, this is Brabbit.



A mix between common rabbits and Siberian tigers, Brabbits are distant relatives of Easter Bunnies, but unlike their relatives, Brabbits chose a path of self-discipline, martial arts and meditation and rejected the Cult Of the Carrot.

They exiled themselves in the depth of Siberia, searching  courage, bravery and wisdom and looking down upon their cowering carrot-loving relatives.

Poor would be the wolf that decided to attack a Brabbit…


Thank you for reading and watching:) Please leave comments below to let me know what you think about Brabbits. I’ll do my best to bring you more cute monsters in the nearest future. But in the meanwhile you can sample my and Quiet Riley Jr’s  upcoming picture book called Snobbity Snowman at Smashwords or prebook it at Amazon.



One thought on “Cute Monster Drawing Challenge. Monster#12

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