50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #10

Hello, a new monster is ready to see the world!

Say hi to Dozester!



Very little is known about Dozesters, since any scientist that has tried to study them always ends up dozing off.

It’s a well-established fact however that Dozsters inhabit soft sofas, comfortable chairs, lecture halls, boring offices and warm beds. They love sunny days when it’s too hot to do anything, but they are also fond of glum rainy days, which seem to be made for staying in bed.

The flowery pattern on dozesters skins is the result of many years of adaptation and evolution to human preferences in linen.


Thank you for reading and be wary of Dozesters, unless you are looking for a long sweet nap:)


Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.




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