50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#9.

Another week has started. I wonder what monsters it’s gonna reveal…

Welcome monster#9 – Chompster!


Chomp-chomp-chomp” in the middle of the night. No, that’s not your cat chewing on a spider. Neither your husband with midnight munches. That’s is something much less frightening, it’s just a Chompster.
Chompsters are proud owners of exactly 129 teeth, which require constant chewing, chopping and munching for their health. That’s why every night Chompsters go out on chomping rampages. Interestingly enough, Chompsters don’t have a digestive system, it’s the act of chomping itself that sustains them. After chomping, the object is simply discarded.  Chompsters chomp
Left socks
Buttons off your favorite shirts
Your hair when you sleep
Clothes, especially the ones you wear to important meetings
And anything else that can be chomped to the point of complete entanglement.


My local chompsters are totally in love with my headphones and clothes. Always chomped and creased. What about your Chompsters?:)

You can see all the previous monsters in this post and thank you for reading!



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