50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#8.

Hi, a new monster is ready!

Want to see the previous monstersplease click here!

Here tumbles Tumblester!



Tumblesters are notorious for their love for tumbling, rolling and flopping. If there is an opportunity to do any of these, a Tumblester would never miss it. Here the list of the best tumbling places made up by a Tumblester I know.

Washing machines
Hamster wheels
Shop trolleys
Mechanic clocks
Steep hills
Grassy lawns
Any flat and tumblable surface.

A Tumblester’s most favorite place is of course a washing machine. Oh, the tumbling and rolling! The bubbles and hot water! Oh the joy of tying clothes in a knot and stuffing it into the blanket case!

Unfortunately, for most Tumblesters excessive tumbling results in mass annihilation, due to the laws of physics, which is why, perhaps, it’s so hard to spot a Tumblester these days. Moreover, insufficient tumbling can cause an explosion of a Tumblester due to excessive amounts of unused energy( the fact proved by the mobile phone industry, although why they put Tumblesters inside the phones is a mister). And fewer mechanical clocks, more health-conscious hamsters and dried up meadows are only increasing the severity of the situation.

So please keep your lawns green, clocks – wound and hamsters – moderately fat, and then your local Tumblesters will prosper.



Thank you for reading and following the progress of the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. 

Please stay tuned for more monstrous cuteness.


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