Cartoon Fun Friday #11. Drawing a Dozester.

  Do you feel like taking a nap? That's probably because of a little Dozester hiding nearby. Want to see how I created this monster? Check out the new speed paint video!   I couldn't make up my mind about the skin pattern, so this monster comes in 3 variations. Which one do you... Continue Reading →


50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #11.

Monster #11 is ready to make your life a bit more difficult. Say hi to Picklester. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Picklesters are mutated cucumbers, that came from flowers pollinated by bees hooked on smoking.Ā Picklesters are extremely tricky creatures, that are not just hard to catch, but also, once caught, can inflict damage in no way comparable to their... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Wednesday # 7. Therese Larsson

Amazing characters, amazing details, amazing light - that's Therese Larsson's art. Do spends few minutes to admire the MasteršŸ˜ Here is a speed paint of one of my faviurite illustrations by Therese. Search more of her art on her Webpage, Facebook, DeviantĀ and her Behance portfolio.

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monsters#1-10

Hello, it's time to look back and see what has been achieved so far during my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge, or Crazy Monster Hunt as I want to call it sometimes. My only regret is that so many monsters are still only sketches and there is so little time for bringing them to life... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster #10

Hello, a new monster is ready to see the world! Say hi to Dozester! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Very little is known about Dozesters, since any scientist that has tried to study them always ends up dozing off. It's a well-established fact however that Dozsters inhabit soft sofas, comfortable chairs, lecture halls, boring offices and warm beds. They... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #9. Drawing a cute little Charmster.

Hello, here is a new speed paint of a cute monster called Charmster. Just like all the other cute monsters, Charmster has got his own story. Enjoy the video:) Here is the final image.

Inspiring Wednesday #6 – Slawek Fedorczuk

A great concept artist from Poland. Here is his Behance portfolio link and Facebook page.

Cartoon Fun Friday #9. A Green Vexter.

This Friday features my personal favourite cutie from the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge ( see all the monsters and their stories here). It is green, it is cute, it is naughty! Hope you enjoyed watching just as much as I enjoyed creating:)    

Inspiring Wednesday #5 – Yustas S

Witty, cute, skillful - that's about Yustas' works. Don't know his full name and don't need to, just looking at his artworks is enough. Here is his Behance profile link and his Facebook page. Enjoy:)

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