50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#5.

A new week and a new monster ready to reveal itself to you, dear reader.
See all the previous monsters and read more about my 50 Cute Monster Challenge here.

Welcome monster #5 – Broodster.



Just as their name suggests, Broodsters love to think. No for a second do they stop brooding, mulling, pounding and deliberating. The most amazing fact is that they can brood at least 100 thoughts at a time! That’s why you can’t find a pair of eyes on a Broodster’s face, that would be looking in the direction. It’s said however that if you look at the “dancing eyes” of a Broodster for too long, you will get hypnotized and become a broodster yourself.

A Broodster’s brooding capacity is determined by the number and the size of the eyes. The more eyes – the more thoughts can be brooded simultaneously inside a Broodster’s head. The bigger the eye – the bigger the thought that can be brooded inside a Broodster’s head.

Creatures amazing from every aspect, they do however have one flaw. They are naturally incapable of creating any single thought on their own. They can think and rethink thoughts countless times, but if you ask a Broodster to come up with an original idea – well, you will get none. Every single thought inside a Broodster’s head has been “borrowed” or simply stolen from someone else, sucked right out from their unsuspecting head. Have you ever forgotten what you came to fetch from another room? What you wanted to say? Why you opened the fridge? What the name of that colleague you have been working with for 10 years is? Why you put your dirty dishes into the washing machine? Or water your favourute plant with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? If yes, then there must be a Broodster or two wandering around your place, snatching thoughts straight from your head.

But don’t be hasty to get angry at these cute monsters, for they always return the thought to its original master, once the brooding process is over. And a thought that has been brooded by a Broodster is always way better than the one that has never been.


Do you think there is a Broodster in your house? How often does it borrow from you? What kind of thoughts?

The last thing my Broodster took was the correct location of the teapot, which ended up in the freezer😁

Thank you for reading and welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.


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