50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#2

Another monster is ready to see the world. It’s part of my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about it here and see Monster#1).

Say hi to Monster#2 – Gawkster.



Despite their somewhat menacing looks, these monsters are absolutely harmless. Gawksters are natural lookers. They can look at anything for hours: crawling snails, working washing machines, kids picking their noses, politicians making speeches. They can be motionless for days, feeding on the light waves they perceive with their 1 giant eye.

Gawksters hate rainy weather, because rain drops blur their eye and make them blink – something these monsters hate doing the most. Every time a Gawkster is noticed to blink, the other Gawksters would immediately say ” Gawk bless you!” and keep their distance.

Gawksters love crowded places, because there are so many amazing things to stare at. Since they usually stay motionless for long tracks of time, Gawksters always choose their observing positions wisely and carefully. You’ll never see them on the ground, or chairs or handles, where they can be easily stepped, sat or grabbed on. They choose higher places, ceilings, people’s shoulders, flappy ears, ladies with extra hair volume. But no bold guys. Too slippery.

So when next time you feel like someone is staring at you, don’t be hasty at making frowning faces at the innocent people around you. It is just that a hungry Gawkster has found your image delicious enough to spend the next couple minutes, hours or days  eyeballing you.


Have you ever met a Gawkster? Do you know something else about these amazing creatures? Feel free to share in the comments below:)

Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place inhabited by cute monsters.


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