Inspiring Wednesday #2

Hi again, everyone:) It’s time share with you another inspiring artist.

This week it’s Goro Fujita. Here is his blog, deviant page and YouTube channel.

This is the first painting by him that I ever saw.


What an amazing mood he managed to create! Something so huge and scary (well, isn’t that how robots are usually portrayed in the media?), yet in this work so vulnerable and touching.

I’ve researched a bit more and found that Goro has lots of robot paintings.

Here is my favorite .

Goro’ characters are absolutely adorable, cute, silly and sweet. The ideas are simple yet so achingly familiar. This together with the high technical drawing skills make his artworks unforgettable. Each one is like a tiny little world, so vivid and alive.

He also does robot-unrelated illustrations. Also just as adorable, with awesome compositions and color choices. Honestly, a treat for the eyes!

The best thing is that I’ve found a video tutorial by him! Simply amazing!

Do you you like his artworks? His style? Please  tell me what you think in the comments below or share this post with other awesome people!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more amazing artists and art:)


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