Homeless mushroom needs a home!

Hi:) I’ve decided that every mushroom should have a home.

Say hi to Shroomy.



He is my first digital mushroom painted in Procreate. Quite roughly done, but already with everything that I look for in mushrooms: round, grumpy, sad-eyed, dumb and cute.

But completely homeless. Because I didn’t know how to paint backgrounds.

I still don’t know, but practice is a steady albeit slow instructor:D

For better or for worse, Shroomy has finally got his own house.



Which didn’t make him any happier obviously, but at least my heart is calm now.

So please be sweet and throw him a house-warming party by liking his new home and commenting below. Shroomy thanks you ahead:)

Want to see more of my art? Have a look at my portfolio.

Want to learn how to create cute cartoons? Stay tuned to my Cartoon Fun Fridays. Two speed paint videos are already out: a cute mouse and a simple spider.


Thank you for reading and welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where mushrooms are happy even if they don’t look it.



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