50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#3.

The Cute Monster Drawing Challenge is under full sail! You can read more about it here and see the previous monster here. Another monster is ready to see the world and bring you some fun! Say "Hi!" to Lulster, monster #3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lulsters are quiet little creatures, that can never be heard and rarely seen. They... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Wednesday #3

Do you like animals? Cartoons? Art? If your answer is yes at least to one of the questions - check out the new inspiring artist. Steph Laberis. Her blog, deviant page and website. I love her simple, engaging style, love the playfulness and wit of the illustrations, color choice, layout - I love everything about... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge. Monster#2

Another monster is ready to see the world. It's part of my 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about it here and see Monster#1). Say hi to Monster#2 - Gawkster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Despite their somewhat menacing looks, these monsters are absolutely harmless. Gawksters are natural lookers. They can look at anything for hours: crawling snails, working washing... Continue Reading →

50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge! Monster#1.

I'm taking on the Challenge of drawing 50 cute monsters in 2 months ( or so 😁)! I'll also try to imagine each monster's character and preferences and you can help me with it in the comments below:) I've already sketched some monsters, you can see them here. But not all of them will make it to the... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #5 – sketching 48 cute monsters in 1 hour.

A new speed paint is out! This time I've sketched Cute space monsters for a game book that I'm planning to release next month and also as part of the 50 Cute Monsters Drawing Challenge (read more about the challenge in my future post which will be out on Monday) Here is the video (YouTube,... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Wednesday #2

Hi again, everyone:) It's time share with you another inspiring artist. This week it's Goro Fujita. Here is his blog, deviant page and YouTube channel. This is the first painting by him that I ever saw. What an amazing mood he managed to create! Something so huge and scary (well, isn't that how robots are usually... Continue Reading →

Loving doesn’t mean having. An absolutely amazing story you should read right now!


Cartoon Fun Friday #4

Hello again. It's a great day today, because we will be looking for a 🥕! This cute rabbit is a character from my new picture book, which I plan to publish in the beginning of autumn if I have the patience to wait that long, because the book is actually finished! But.... promotion, promotion, promotion.... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Wednesday #1

Wednesdays seem like such a good time to share some talent and inspiration with everyone. Actually any day is great for that, but from now on it's gonna be wednesdays. Inspiring Wednesdays with a new artist every week. This week it is Juliette Oberndorfer - concept artist, background designer and illustrator. I find her art absolutely... Continue Reading →

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