10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 2.

Hi:) In this post I’m going to reveal 5 more elements that make a great book cover, which can trigger new sales for your beloved indie picture book.

If you have missed the first five elements – you can read it here.

Without further ado.

  1. Layout.
    Think of your cover as a painting. Every painting needs a layout or composition. This carefullyabout the placement of each of the elements. Do you have a strong illustration? Or perhapsyour cover font is especially good? Or your name is already famous? Think of what you want to stress the most or how to combine all the elements of a cover to keep them balanced. Once again – go for help to the bestselling items and study their covers.
  2. Color palette.
    Once again, remember that your cover is a piece of art. Color theory is gonna be of great help if you are looking for a harmonious combination. Choose your main color, a few complementary tones not far from it on the colorwheel and 1 accent color to spice up the image. And I’m not talking only about the illustration. the text on the cover can and should be colorful too is that benefits the cover in general.
  3. Catch.
    Most best selling covers have a catch, a hint at what the story is about, how fun it is and its message. Achieving such an effect takes if not a professional, then at least a skilled and thoughtful illustrator. Think what’s the essence of your story, whats the “catch”, that makes it unique and try to “hint” at it through the cover illustration, font and palette.
  4. Humor.
    A easy and humorousjoke embedded into your cover will really spice up both the cover itself and your chances to be discovered and sold.
  5. Simplicity.
    Although it’s the last element in the list, i believe it’s one of the topmost important. Keep it simple. No, honestly, very very simple! Don’t burden your cover with book description, various fonts, illustrations, quotation, etc. As I have said in one of my previous posts (read here) “The simpler is the better”. Follow this principle to your indie success!

Please feel free to let me know if you found this post useful and what other topics of the indie world you would like to see covered on this blog.

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Thank you for your time:)

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