10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 1.

Since the cover for my new picture book was done by me from scratch, i had to study a lot of examples. I looked through best-sellers, hot new releases, all-time and classical stories. And I’ve discovered that to be successful, a picture book cover should be created according to a few basic principles.

Here are the first 5 elements that a book cover should have to be successful.

  1. Quality illustrations.
    Number one for a reason. No font, no stickers can ever say more than a thought-through and professionally done illustration. But don’t get scared, try doing it yourself, compare to the bestsellers, learn from them.
  2. Appropriate font.
    That’s simple. The font on the cover conveys the most essential Does it correspond to the story and the main illustration? Is it a cover font? It is going to tell a part of the story just like the illustration and they should tell it in the same way. Do not use more than 2 different fonts on the cover.
  3. Font size and readability.
    When the reader sees your book cover for the first time, it is going to be tiny, no more than 3-4 cm high. Is your font still readable? Do its elements prevent the reader from seeing the text well? Is it big enough? If the reader chooses to see the cover full page – does the font size and shape still make sense?
  4. Author’s name.
    Do limit your Ego and think about the letter size. If you are a beginningauthor, let the emphasis be on the illustration and the book name, not your name. I personally do feel less inclined to open a book, when the authors name takes half of the cover. People want to see a good story first, and only then famous name behind it. (I’ve been disappointed a few times when i did otherwise)
  5. Rewards.
    Do enroll in competitions, ask for reviews and be a guest blogger if you have a great story – it will be noticed, and that will give you a nice sticker, line, picture, etc. to put on the cover and BOOM! your sales sky-rocket.


It’s just my personal opinion, so feel free to agree or disagree freely in the comments below:)

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Thank you for your time:)


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