Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

At least to some extent.
A well thought-through, well-planned and laid-out cover most often leads to a book and story of the same quality.  Never have I been disappointed by a promising cover. So, do judge picture books by their covers and feel good about it:)

That’s why I’ve put so much thought into designing the cover for my own picture book. I’ve never studied cover design or just design of any sort, but i was totally and categorically unwilling to hire someone to do that. After all, I did create 26 full landscape illustrations all by myself in my free from work time. No way was i gonna cave in and lose the chance to practice my craft on something as essential and complex as a picture book cover.

I can’t share my own cover with you yet, for the book hasn’t been published and my coauthor would eat me alive if i did that. But I can share my inspiration with you.
Unfortunately, I do not know the stories behind the covers, but i fell in love with them at first sight.

I hope you do too:)

In one of my next posts, I’m going to analyze what makes a good book cover. Stay tuned.

And now enjoy!

The rabbit, it stole my heart.
Simple, yet meaningful
Attractively unattractive
Hypnotizing rhythm
Simply cute
Cheerful and simple
Lovely watercolorness
A fantatic spoiler cover
Love the palette

The style of the illustration itself


It’s but a tip of an iceberg. But absolutely useful. Learn from the winners to be one, that’s what i’m doing.

If you wanna know what makes those covers so successful, have a look at 10 elements of a successful cover:)

Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

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