Cartoon Fun Friday #2

Hi:) it's time for the second Cartoon Fun Friday! This week it's a very simple spider I did for one of the game pages in my upcoming picture book. If you have missed the previous video, you can watch it here. You Can find more of my artworks here, here and here. And now please... Continue Reading →


10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 2.

Hi:) In this post I'm going to reveal 5 more elements that make a great book cover, which can trigger new sales for your beloved indie picture book. If you have missed the first five elements - you can read it here. Without further ado. Layout. Think of your cover as a painting. Every painting needs a layout... Continue Reading →

10 Elements of a Successful Book Cover. Part 1.

Since the cover for my new picture book was done by me from scratch, i had to study a lot of examples. I looked through best-sellers, hot new releases, all-time and classical stories. And I've discovered that to be successful, a picture book cover should be created according to a few basic principles. Here are the first... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Fun Friday #1

Hello, my dear reader. Today is a big day. It's a perfect day to conquer YouTube. And so it starts with my first speed paint of a cute mouse I've done for my coming picture book (sneak peeks available here and here and here). With this video I'm hoping to start a long lasting tradition... Continue Reading →

Unlike People, Picture Books Should Be Judged by Their Covers.

At least to some extent. A well thought-through, well-planned and laid-out cover most often leads to a book and story of the same quality.  Never have I been disappointed by a promising cover. So, do judge picture books by their covers and feel good about it:) That's why I've put so much thought into designing the cover for my... Continue Reading →

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