“Buns”. Not the buns you are thinking about, probably.

Buns,  bottom, seat, tooshie, rabbit’s tail or, simply, ass. Not a common topic for works of literature, don’t you think? However, today my world got kicked on that very spot. I found a book about it.

If you have seen a children picture book about human asses, then you’ve seen it all  😄

But let me start from the beginning. I live in China, Shenzhen, and since I’m about to become a self-published children picture book author and illustrator, I’ve taken to visiting local book stores, the children section in particular.  I’ve made some amazing purchases recently, about which I’ll talk in the next posts. Make sure to catch them 😉

Anyway, today I was visiting the biggest book mall we have in here, when I my eye stumbled upon a naked hairy ass among fluffy bunnies and cute bears. Luckily that ass wasn’t real. Here is the ‘jewel’ 😂

From what I could understand with the help of my poor Chinese, this book teaches the yong ones on the importance of having an ass, its types, its role in the animal world, different ways it can be called and what would happen if we never had an ass. Hmm, insightful…😄

According to the Chinese author, whose name I don’t want to name for the fear of the spread of this ‘masterpiece’, here are the types of bottoms people can have. Now it’s getting racist also. What should I do: mine doesn’t look like any of those!

The following pages illustrate the significance of the soft spot in the animal world. What an educational book!

I guess, if taken as a joke, it’s pretty fun. The idea is unusual and the cover definitely stood out. My friend and I had a good laugh.

But to be honest , I fear taking this book seriously. It’s a scary world already without my future kids learning a dozen names for their buns.

To my mind this book is a perfect example of the books that should stay unwritten forever.
Oh, and let me finish with this creepy bunch. What exactly did this gentleman come to check?😂


Thanks for reading:)

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