Ups… I think we’ve just hit an iceberg…

Make a book, they said. It's easy, they said. Everyone is doing that, they said. Well, I did make a book. But turns out that was the easiest part! XD I dipped my nose in the world of self-publishing, promotion, marketing, advertising, review and revenue hunting and it's like a whole new WonderLand out there!... Continue Reading →


I’m gonna keep teasing you!

More spoilers of my current project. So excited about how it looks so far! I can't believe it's almost finished, it's been over a year since it started. Hope you are excited to see the final result too 🙂   WELCOME TO SNAILTRAIL ART CORNER. A PLACE, WHERE “ARTIST” IS A STATE OF MIND.  ... Continue Reading →

6 Steps to self-publishing a picture book

A very useful article for aspiring book writers!

Dayne Sislen Children's Book Illustration

manu-girl_finalCongratulations! You have finished your picture book manuscript and decided you want to self-publish.  What’s next?

When self-publishing a children’s book you will need to have illustrations prepared by an illustrator and the book designed and assembled by a designer. It is your choice whether you choose a professional illustrator/designer or a non-professional. A professional illustrator/designer with experience in self-publishing will able to help you step by step through the process. They make the process as smooth and painless as possible and work with your printer to give you the best-printed results. They know what kind of cover will stand out on Amazon’s pages or a shelf in the bookstore. They will carefully read your manuscript over and over until they perfectly understand your characters and can see them clearly in their mind.

Never forget, your readers (or in this case the parents of your readers) buy books because the…

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Another Sneak Peek at my Project!

Almost finished, 1 month to go!!! Cannot wait to see the final result!!! WELCOME TO SNAILTRAIL ART CORNER. A PLACE, WHERE “ARTIST” IS A STATE OF MIND.    

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