Thank you, oh mighty Internet!

Hey there:) Do you ever stop being amazed at the amount of good stuff online?
It’s like an unending well of goodness!

I’ve come across sooooo many talented inspiring artists. Seeing their art work is just the kick on the butt I personally need to start creating.

Here is what I’ve been doing for a past couple days, whenever I could find a moment.

And one more.

And here are the works that inspired me. Unfortunatelly I don’t know the artists’ names 😦 Do you?

I find it to be an amazing way to practice my animation and characted design skill.
Usually I copy 4-5 drawings to get a hand of the style and some details, and then I try to create my own interpretations or different poses and expressions. Love every second of the process!

Check my other posts to see what I’ve been doing so far and stay tuned 🙂

Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where “Artist” is a state of mind.


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