A Sneak Peek at my Current Project!

Yes, it's a biggie. Have been working on it for almost a year already and it's 70% finished. I've learned A LOT simply by doing it, drawing , painting, sketching, wasting paper and paint. I don't care if it is actually gonna bring me any income as a finished product, cause it has been an... Continue Reading →


Let your inner music be heard through what you do!

Mine inner musician is a snail. What about yours?

Rock on, you Rock!

We called them Rocks. Maybe, they prefer to be Bagels

Today I wonder what stones feel.

My speculations on the stony feelings

We don't have to always make sense, do we. So grab the mushroom!

Holiday in Hongkong

Yeah, I'm from Belarus, but I live in China. Actually I live right next to Hongkong, but i've never been there. All my friends have, but I haven't. Now we are even 😀 Went with my love. Spent 2 days and lots of money. Ate street food and bought exported chocolate, pickled cucumbers and beer. Saw... Continue Reading →

Practice brings perfection. Not yet, but it will.

Here is some of the stuff I've been busy with recently. Once again, thank you, oh mighty Internet, for being such a great source of inspiration

Thank you, oh mighty Internet!

Hey there! Check out what my Monster has been busy with recently:) Source: Thank you, oh mighty Internet!  

Thank you, oh mighty Internet!

Hey there:) Do you ever stop being amazed at the amount of good stuff online? It's like an unending well of goodness! I've come across sooooo many talented inspiring artists. Seeing their art work is just the kick on the butt I personally need to start creating. Here is what I've been doing for a past... Continue Reading →

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