Being myself. Finally.

Hello. Keeping your monsters busy i hope? Mine certainly is. I so wish to share with your monsters what mine’s been doing over the last year, but my co-author will eat me alive…
So please stick around a bit longer, patience is rewarded:)

Tell me, please, how do you know that you are you? That this is your kind of stride? Your kind of clothes? Your kind of person? Your kind of material? Your kind of topic?
I have no answers.
Please take a minute to answer in the comments below, cause I’m so sickly curious to know what makes you understand that this is you and yours.

In the meanwhile, the snailiest and the trailiest pile...

Being myself.

Jeez, I wish i knew why all these drawings got into the third pile.
Whatever reason there was though, it made it so clear to me what i should be doing with my life.

My monster and I want to  illustrate our own books.

We love it. Love cartoons, the absence of limitation and rules.
Love the absolute freedom of expression that comes with it.

It’s our personal formula for our little giggly happiness 🙂


I really hope you enjoyed reading and watching this post.
Thank you so much for staying with me and feel free to comment below.



Welcome to SnailyTraily Art Corner.
A place, where “Artist” is a state of mind.



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