Me, Me, Me! Part 2

From my monster to your monster “Howdy!”:)

Hope you are staying excited by simple things? Did you have the “Aha!” moment yesterday? Honestly, if I’m offered a choice between a chocolate bar and the wonderful “Aha!” moment, i’d choose the latter.
And coming from me, that means a lot (me and my monster are chocojunkies…)

Anyway, since you are here, reading my blog and the post is called “Me!”, I should cut the chase and spill the beans. Jeez, sometimes English makes me giggle 🙂

I’m a book illustrator. Er, without books. Oh, and without proper art education. And with an unrelated full-time job. To be more honest, I’m snailing to be a real book illustrator.
Snailing as hard as I possibly can, as it is possibly possible.

I’ve been snailing around the art world for over 10 years, and the idea of being an illustrator came to my monster only a year ago. All this year i’ve been engaged in the most amazing, exciting, exhausting and rewarding project I’ve ever been engaged in.
BUT! That’s the topic of one of my future posts, hope you stay with me long enough to see it (3 months till completion!).

In the meanwhile, do make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of  something and let’s slowly trace the slimy ups and downs of my art trail covering rusty, time-worn A1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…

All my snaily-traily creations can be divided into 3 piles.
Being someone else. Trying not to be someone else. Being myself.
Without any further snailing in circles, I’m gonna present the “Being someone else” pile to your judgment  which you are welcome to carry out with full honesty in the comments below the post.

Being someone else.

Oh, one more thing.  All these works are from different years (none from 2016 though), of different technical skill levels and materials, but they are still all here. I called this pile “Being someone else” because i don’t feel like the crooked monster in my head put a lot of “himselfness” into this stuff. To my mind, it’s neaither snaily, nor traily at all.

Thanks for reading and watching!
Stay tuned to see the next pile “Trying not to be someone else”

Welcome to SnailTrail Art Corner.

A place, where “Artist” is is a state of mind.


2 thoughts on “Me, Me, Me! Part 2

  1. I absolutely love your paintings. Your manga style, however, is not that great. I suggest you stray away from manga in order to be better at it (sounds odd, I know). That’s just my suggestion. Work hard and good luck!


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