One of the most inspirational articles for illustrators who are just getting into the bisuness


Being myself. Finally.

Hello. Keeping your monsters busy i hope? Mine certainly is. I so wish to share with your monsters what mine's been doing over the last year, but my co-author will eat me alive... So please stick around a bit longer, patience is rewarded:) Tell me, please, how do you know that you are you? That this... Continue Reading →

Trying not to be someone else.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look at the second pile of my drawings

Me, Me, Me! Part 2

Without any further snailing in circles, I'm gonna present the "Being someone else" pile to your judgment

Me, me, me!

Let's talk about me. Don't worry, just a tiny-tiny bit, i know you can handle that, i believe in you! Actually,  let's  not talk about me, but about that little croked paint-covered monster that lives in the dusty corner of my brain and never lets me do or buy the things that i really want,... Continue Reading →

Snails, trails and such.

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