Watercolour Workshop at Studio 19A

It happened, it really happened!
Shenzhen Art Group had its FIRST WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP!

So exciting 🙂

Saturday 05.12. Lovely day, lovely people, lovely material.


I’ve always admired watercolour for its being limitless, mastering it is like taming a mustang, that will always stay a little wild  no matter what. And that’s what makes this material unique: the result is always a mystery, freely flowing paint  seems to have a mind of its own and what a gorgeous mind indeed.

Thanks to Anthony we had a roof above  and soft couch below and tea inside. It’s our studio 19 A, where A stands for art. It’s thrills me to call it that way.  Hey, Universe, we are serious, you got it? Keep working for us. XD


Thanks to Ellen we had lots of snacks.


Now the workshop itself. My first experience in teaching without being taught how. But i had the most attentive students ever. Big-big hug to you, guys 🙂78It feels so awesome to see people getting hooked on watercolours. Shy and timid at first, little by little they started to feel the amazing lightness of this material, the wonderful colour blending, the easiness with which amazing textures and shapes can be created.


First we did a couple basic exercises to understand the watercolour flow, it’s transparency/opaqueness, dryness/wetness, water/pigment proportion.  Then we tried what effect various substances can have on watercolors: salt, wax, masking fluid, alcohol, water.


And finally we painted a picture of a starry/snowy night landscape all together. The results were really encouraging and so excitingly different.


I hope my students had just as great time learning as I had teaching. Let’s believe that that afternoon a few more watercolour addicts were born XD

Thank you very much for coming and learning. And stay assured it’s just the beginning. We will keep progressing and growing. Feel free to join us any time:)


Welcome to Shenzhen Art Blog.
A place where “artist” is a state of mind, not a specialty.

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