Alright. So here it goes. Time for us to grow and develop and spread our artistic tentacles wide out. Alright. Here it goes.

Who am I?

Maria, 25, Belarus, self-taught artist, creator of Shenzhen Art Group.


What’s up with the Art Group?

It began in August 2015 as a WeChat group, where we, people interested in various arts, share information about events, workshops, lectures, artists, our own creations and arrange meetings and group plain-airs.


Are we all artists or what?

Or what. Most of us don’t have any art education and work in completely unrelated spheres. We know that our skill leaves much to be desired and we are busy most of the time and tired during the rest of the day, but we are interested in discovering art, our abilities, developing skills and artistic taste.


Ok. Then what’s up with this blog?

We’re starting this blog as a way of letting more people know that we exist and what we stand for, of laying down a path that other people can follow regardless of where they are and, of course, with the hope that one day Shenzhen Art Group will be able to serve as the main art platform in Shenzhen, Southern China, Asia and the World, Galaxy, Universe,… You get the point:)


Why should you follow us?

Our final goal is making art and art education achievable for everyone, even if they weren’t lucky enough to go to an art school or university. We might be few and unskilled yet, but we are eager to learn and you are most welcome to learn together with us.


Welcome to Shenzhen Art Blog.
A place where “artist” is a state of mind, not a specialty.

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